A General Overview of Gantry Cranes

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If you don’t wish to install heavy and expensive lifting equipment, but you have large heavy materials to move you may believe that you are in a pickle, fortunately for you though you do have options. Gantry cranes can lift heavy materials efficiently and economically, they also can provide a wide range of lifting solutions for many different applications, though oftentimes they are used for moving heavy loads outside.


Types of Gantry Cranes

There are three main types of gantry cranes, each of which come with their own unique benefits. 

  1. Portable Gantry Crane (manual)

These cranes are often made of aluminum and are quick for assembly/disassembly, making them perfect for moving them to where ever they are needed.

  1. Adjustable Gantry Crane (manual)

These are mainly used in warehouses and factories and are perfect for moving products through low or narrow passageways.

  1. Motor-Driven Gantry

These cranes are a great alternative for when an overhead crane won’t work.


Manual V.S. Motor Driven

Manual: These cranes are lightweight, cost-effective, easy to assemble and quick to disassemble. On top of this, they are highly adaptable to any workstation or challenges they may come across. They are excellent safety and ergonomic alternatives and they can help to improve productivity.

Motor-Driven: These cranes help to eliminate any need for runways, they are easy to transport and on top of this they are an extremely cost-effective alternative to overhead cranes and runways. Motor-driven gantry cranes are also excellent safety and ergonomic alternatives and help to improve productivity.



  • Mobility: Because gantry cranes are not mounted they can move unlike other cranes
  • Strength: They can lift large heavy loads that overhead cranes cannot, up to five tons.
  • Custom Heights: you can adjust your gantry crane to reach a variety of different heights depending on what you are lifting. 


The range of Gantry Cranes:

As I mentioned before the three main categories of gantry cranes, but some of the gantry cranes that fall under this include:

Gantry Cranes are perfect for material handing in many different industries. They are especially perfect for businesses or buildings that cannot facilitate an overhead crane. Being able to lift five tons, movable and coming in a wide range of styles a gantry crane can almost most certainly fulfil almost every desire you may have for it to complete. But it is always best to talk to a professional about what tasks you wish for the crane to do before you get your heart set on a particular style of a crane.


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