Who We Are

We design, build, inspect, and maintain

Originally founded as Liftsafe Inspections in 1991, the Liftsafe Group of Companies is a privately owned company that has grown substantially over the last three decades. Now a group of five companies that supports a wide range of industries in North America and internationally, we know all there is to know about safety, compliance, and support.

We know that from a safety perspective, every client we work with wants to ensure that their employees go home the same or better than they came in every day. In order to do that, every project, piece of equipment and overall facility needs to be safe. Safety to our team means that our products, equipment, inspections, and installations meet and exceed every regulation and compliance standard. We focus on creating turnkey solutions that allow your employees to do their jobs safely while protecting your company.

5 North American office locations

120+ Employees

6,434 Customer portal accounts

70 types of inspections offered

77,214+ pieces of equipment inspected annually

Over 20,000 safety products offered

Over 200 distinct services offered spanning from inspections, to engineering, fabrication, and installation

The complete package

From design to implementation, we offer services that span the entire life cycle of your lifting, material handling, and fall protection equipment. This means you will have access to an in-house engineering team for all your projects. No more wait times when outsourcing to engineering firms for quotes and approvals. We keep the quality and experience while cutting the time and costs.

Our team will design and approve your projects, while offering the fabrication facilities and equipment needed to complete your project on time and on budget. 

 Consider our team for the entire life cycle of your project. We will inspect and maintain your current equipment to ensure it remains in top working order and meets all regulations. From start to finish, we design, build, inspect, and maintain 

A brief history


1991 – Dirk Kerbs started the Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Ltd. at the age of 23, out of the back of his pickup truck.



1995 – R&D Ergo started their business with the vision of finding unique and innovative ways to provide material handling solutions to their North American clients.


2001 – PARCS was founded with the goal of creating a full-service company that can be a one-source solution to all your recreational facility needs.



2010 – Liftsafe Fall Protection joined the Liftsafe Group of Companies with the goal of becoming the industry leader in fall protection solutions.



2016 – The Liftsafe Group of Companies went paperless with the introduction of our online Customer Portal. A secure online system to allow our clients to schedule and keep track of their inspections and repairs with ease.



2018 – Factory Supply joined the Liftsafe Group of Companies to better serve the US market, continuing their focus on safety solutions that are made in America.



Today – We proudly provide industrial products and inspection services for a variety of Fortune 500 companies.


Meet the Leadership Team

Dirk Kerbs

Founder & President
Welding Engineering Technology |
Conestoga College CWB Supervisor
In 1991 Dirk Kerbs started the Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Ltd. at the age of 23, out of the back of his pickup truck. What began as one lifting inspection company has grown into a group of 5 companies, with over 120+ employees. A true entrepreneur at heart, Dirk is continually dedicated to his company’s growth and is always willing to take the risks needed to see his team’s success. With every new venture Dirk takes on, he is committed to putting the customer first as he strives for exceptional quality and service from his team.

Rob Barrett, P.Eng.

Vice President of Engineering
Civil-Structural Engineering |
Queen’s University PEO | OSPE
Rob Barrett is the Vice President of Engineering for Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc. Prior to this role, Rob served as the Director of Engineering, where he was responsible for leading the design, performance and installation of engineered projects at Liftsafe. Rob started at Liftsafe 16 years ago and has continued to grow with the company to become an influential member of our leadership team. Rob’s primary focus is to ensure that the final products we produce are exactly what our clients want while staying on time and budget.

Vittoria Christodoulou

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
M.A. Leadership | UofG
Vittoria Christodoulou has been part of the Liftsafe team for almost 20 years and has grown into her leadership position as COO. She began her career with Liftsafe right out of college in an administration role in 2001 before transitioning into accounting and office management. Her exceptional business, client service, and management abilities led her to become the Manager of Finance & Accounting in 2013 and COO in 2019. Vittoria believes in the importance of leadership, mentorship and growth within your career path as she strives to support and lead others on our team.

Our Values

As a company, we have grown and persevered over the past three decades. Our culture and what we stand for has shaped who we are and what we do.


The safety of our employees, clients and equipment will always come first.


Finding innovative ways to reduce our impact on the planet.


Creating an accepting and safe culture for our employees.


Always looking for new ways to engineer out the hazard.

Customer Service

From design to implementation, our clients come first.