The Importance of Securing Product in Pallet Rack Bays

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By definition, a pallet rack is a device or piece of equipment usually used in a warehouse to store several materials/products. These systems allow for skids or pallets to be positioned horizontally and can reach up to 4 or more levels high. Pallet Racking systems have the potential to minimize construction costs and increase storage capacity to the highest level, but they need to be used correctly or fundamental safety and security issues will arise.

Some examples of potential situations where safety and security issues could arise include goods failing to be appropriately stacked on pallets, failing to shrink wrap goods on the pallet, overhanging pallets past the rack beams into the flue space and failing to secure high price products that are being stored in rack bays.  This blog post will go into detail about the safety and security measures that need to be considered to ensure your pallet racking system is safe to use.

Safety Issues

When a product is not securely anchored to the pallet, the risk that the goods stored on the pallet will fall increases. If the goods were stored on the floor-level, this would not be a primary concern but when they are stored at higher levels of the racking system they can become extremely dangerous. Some of the dangers associated with product falling off racks include injured workers, lost-time incidents and product loss.

Security Issues

Someone can easily remove goods from a pallet and pocket them or hide them elsewhere in a facility, causing the company to experience product loss, this is a serious problem. Situations like this result in the need for frequent inventory counts to determine what exactly the loss costs are, and for businesses that have products constantly arriving and leaving its facility, this can be a serious issue not only for the bottom line but for their reputation.

What Can You Do to Improve Safety and Secure Goods?

Rack Guard Netting protects employees and equipment from a product that may fall from any type of racking system. These netting systems form a durable load containment barrier that is designed to contain loose boxes, palletized goods and stacked materials on warehouse shelves and storage racks. Rack Netting can be customized to meet specific racking requirements and also often called vertical warehouse containment netting.

Enclosures or Security Cages are ideal for when security is a primary concern. They allow you to have full control over who can access the rack and when. These panels secure goods from theft as well as help to prevent them from falling off of the rack and onto workers below, thus decreasing worker injury and improving safety.

Pallet Rack Safety Straps are another option and are easy to install and are flexible, which allows them to be used in a variety of applications. You can install as many as necessary to provide the most coverage possible but they are unable to catch a product if it slips out from under the strap, which is why a mesh panel/netting system would be recommended as an addition to safety step for 100% coverage.

Goods must be secure in Pallet Rack Bays for both the safety and security of your facility. Safety Netting can provide 100% coverage across the back of a rack bay. It is optimal for when falling cartons are a primary concern. These systems can easily be installed; the netting attaches to pallet uprights and beams at regular intervals and stretches across the back of the rack bays. Rack safety netting is an ideal solution for when the safety of your product and employees a concern.