Rooftop Maintenance Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

Fixed Access Ladders

Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group’s Fixed Access Ladders are a permanent solution to provide easy access to roofs, mezzanines or loading docks, including exterior roof access and interior access to roof hatches and platforms.

Canadian made and designed to meet OHSA standards, our ergonomic Fixed Access Ladders feature non-slip rungs and lightweight aluminum structure. They are designed for maximum climbing comfort and user confidence, allowing workers to safely access these levels with ease. We have an array of standard products available, however, should you require a custom product, we can be of assistance too.

Unlike other fixed access ladder manufacturers we also offer a variety of fixed access ladder services including inspections, repairs and installations.

Rooftop Guardrail

RoofGuard is a versatile, economical and modular guardrail system designed to protect employees and contractors that perform rooftop job functions. Any application where an HVAC unit, security camera, hatch opening or walkway is located at or near the edge of a roof, RoofGuard products can easily be installed to provide the required protection, and a range of components allow the system to be configured to best fit your requirements.


Why RoofGuard Is Right for You
Components Regulations Canadian
Special clamps and
bolt-on components connect the system to walls, existing railing systems, fixed access ladders and more.
RoofGuard has been designed to meet or exceed all major North American safety standards/regulations including Ontario MOL, ANSI, OSHA, OHSA & WorkSafeBC.
Canadian made, this passive solution is the preferred method of fall protection as it does not require
any training.