How You can Extend the Life of Your Crane Through PM Programs

May 3, 2016

The secret to having a safe and reliable crane is no secret at all, in fact it is quite well known. But in case you unaware I’ll share with you what that secret is… the key to extending the life of your crane is to have regularly scheduled and professional preventive maintenance and inspection programs, because the best type of maintenance is preventative maintenance. Unfortunately many companies are turning a blind eye now to the idea of regular inspection programs and preventive maintenance in favour of saving both time and money.

The chances of having a mechanical failure on your equipment without having any kind of warning signs or symptoms is just as likely as winning the lottery and then right after being struck by lightning (or in other words it is extremely rare).

There are though several reasons as to why a mechanical failure in an overhead crane may occur these include:

  • The cranes are being inspected to OSHA/OHSA standard, but the frequency of these inspections are not enough to accommodate the duty cycle of the crane
  • The item which  failed was not included as part of the inspection contract agreement, which means it was not checked during the inspections and maintenance

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