Die Carts

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Die carts are often used to safely transport die and move it to and from your stamping press. Though some companies also use die carts as a heavy-duty, high-quality lift table.

These machines are high labour-saving units that help to reduce the time of loading and unloading products. They have the added benefit of helping to reduce the amount of back strain that employee experience, a pain that has become associated with pushing and pulling dies on and off of shelving units. These heavy-duty time savers have become a standard machine in many industries, which is why it is important to ensure they have regular annual inspections.

When a machine becomes a part of your standard operating procedure, and when it starts to malfunction, not only will it slow down production, but it also poses the risk of increasing the number of workplace injuries that occur.

Employees may try to continue to use the malfunctioning device – or could possibly be unaware it is malfunctioning, which can easily cause someone to become hurt.

But not only that but once you become used to a machine completing certain tasks for you, suddenly going back to doing it by hand can be tedious and pose a risk of you hurting yourself.

By having inspections completed on an annual bases, this will help to ensures all of the parts are in working order and the overall machine is safe to use, in fact, annual inspections of die carts are required by law to ensure the machine is safe to use and will not cause any issues for the employees using the machine.

It is one thing to meet the law and another to be safe, by also having frequent inspections you will ensure that any issues in the machine are caught long before they can become a major issue. Frequent inspections should occur daily and should be completed by a competent person. These inspections should review the machine and look for any issues or anomalies that may be occurring within the machine.

Though preventive maintenance does not stop there, if anything should come up during a periodic or frequent inspection then the machine should be put out of service immediately until a trained professional can come and fix the anomaly.


Die carts can help you to speed up production in your facility, or they could slow it down to a snail pace if it breaks down, this is why it is so important that you ensure your machine has frequent and periodic inspections which will help you to ensure your machines are always in top working order for you and are safe to use.


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