Holland Homes Case Study

HOLLAND HOMES CASE STUDY Providing safe access to HVAC equipment with custom guarded platform and walkway systems. CHALLENGES Rooftop obstructions Trip hazards Equipment access Fall protection compliance Employee safety SOLUTION A custom RoofStep and RoofWalk system was created to protect against rooftop trip and safety hazards while also providing easier access to HVAC equipment. OVERVIEW […]

OD Clamp Forklift Attachment for Moving Wooden Barrels

OD Clamp Forklift Attachment for Moving Wooden Barrels This is a simple solution for wineries, distilleries, or anyone else that works with wooden barrels or casks in terms of overall material handling safety. CHALLENGES Employee safety Ergonomics Moving wooden barrels SOLUTION A distillery reached out to R&D Ergo to find a solution to moving wooden […]

How to Become Compliant with the New US Rooftop Safety Standards

How to Become Compliant with the New US Rooftop Safety Standards Within the past year and a half, there have been several new rooftop safety standards added. To make it easier to become compliant, we have listed the top 5 that you should be taking immediate action to remedy. 1) CERTIFICATION OF ANCHORAGES DUE BY […]

Racking and Storage Safety

Racking and Storage Safety Keeping your pallet racking safe is vitally important. In addition to your annual rack safety inspection by a trained inspector, you should carry out regular internal inspections at set intervals (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc). But what should you check for? If a racking system collapses it can lead to major injury […]

How to work safely at heights in Aviation

How to work safely at heights in Aviation Working safely at heights is at the forefront for regulators and inspectors. Recognizing that even relatively small falls can result in devastating injuries, lost production and large fines, employers are more likely than ever to look for different options of fall protection to keep workers safe. Providing […]

10 Common Rooftop Safety Hazards

10 Common Rooftop Safety Hazards When working on rooftops, safety should be everyone’s number one priority. There are, unfortunately, many different hazards that can be present in rooftop environments. Here are the top 10 common hazards to note before stepping foot onto a rooftop. Roof Stability It is important to make sure the roof is […]

Hammond Case Study

Hammond Case Study Our main concern was how to load sheet metal on our new equipment in a tight space without damaging it and more importantly, keep our operators safe while doing it. CHALLENGES Employee safety Space issues Concern with damaging expensive machinery Blind spots loading and unloading Equipment downtime SOLUTION Hammond worked with Liftsafe […]